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1/10 Collection -

Image Size 40cm x 30cm 

Who or what is Thranduil? He is the Elvenking in J.R.R Tolkiens story “The Hobbit” but what has that got to do with an artwork from 6000 feet or 2km over the South Alligator River. Can you see the twisted wizard staff in the centre? As soon as I saw this I went about developing a scene that reflected what is often my vivid and creative imagination. When I investigated a name Thranduil was the one the was always going to stay because it actually means “vigorous spring” in Sandrin (one of the languages of the elves of middle earth) and in the staff a clear spring can be seen erupting from the base of the staff. I can see Gandalf holding this staff protecting the lands of Middle Earth and it was with these thoughts I went about creating a scene to support the staff. This is a detailed map of ridge lines, some creeks and plateau’s with 2 large lakes holding various creatures and evils like Shelob the giant spider. For me a work like this is often an escape from the daily grind of business and life. I get busy in it and create, maybe a bit like a nutty professor in his lab. Whilst not every artwork is for everyone I think it’s important to have fun and enjoy your work. Art is fun - enjoy this different one from me.

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