Wet and Dry 8/10

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Elevated Collection

This is a different piece for me to create. It’s not like something I have created before and I used different techniques in the way I went about the process. It was more of a broad brush approach using bold colours and almost a haphazard technique but with purpose. I took a flat colourless floodplain and gave it punch, life and a boldness that melds between the browns and oranges of the dry and the blues and greens of the wet season. I felt it had some feeling back to some famous artists like Picasso or Monet. Some research quickly showed it was not based on Pablo Picasso’s style but more Claude Monet from the French Impressionist era of the 19th century. This particular style was based on outdoor painting of landscapes or scenes in daily life with an on the spot style rather than the normal studio based structure. I had taken a landscape and through a dabbing technique recreated the Impressionism style across a typical NT floodplain. The original was captured on the Finnis River floodplain near Dundee.

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