Explosion Edition 8/10

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Elevated Collection

Special Release of Edition 8/10. 

Print size 130 by 98cm.

Editions 1 to 7 of 10 are sold.

Colour colour and more colour. I love colour. Colour makes me feel happy, full of life and expression and sometimes I need a piece that explodes life and colour. Just like the water exploding out on the floodplain, the colour follows a similar trend as it moves away across the floodplain into the bright and happy cyans. This art piece is an explosion of three forms: geographical, artistic and personal. Floodplains are holding grounds for the massive volume of water that the top end landscape experiences during the wet season but they are surrounded by high country typically open woodland or such vegetation types. The surrounding higher country can be seen bordering the floodplain with an inlet coming in from the bottom right. This would be a creek system that collects the water from the woodlands and carries it to the entrance of the floodplain where upon it passes the bottle neck and floods or explodes out onto the floodplain where it slows down and moves slowly towards a major river system. In this case it is the South Alligator in Kakadu National Park.

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