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Gas bubbles rising through a liquid, we can all relate to, and having studied physics and chemistry at school and again in my science degree (Chemistry) I have a long history with gas and liquid experiments.  This piece is representative of gas bubbles rising from beneath the earth's crust possibly from a volcano and dissolving into the water.  Volcanoes give off chlorine as part of their eruption cycle in the form of hydrochloric acid and being generally green, it was appropriate to make the base colour of the artwork green. The red flame or explosion of gases, flaring up from this underwater volcano, starts narrow at the base and spreads like the anvil head of a tropical storm cloud as it rises from the depths of the ocean. 

This artwork has like many of pieces a dual meaning and it reminds me of my study days with the bunsen burner beneath the conical glass flask. I remember opening and closing the brass window at the base of the burner to control temperature.  Quite often I would be heating different liquids causing gas bubbles to rise and interact with the different liquids and layers and create different patterns and results based on liquid density.  Occasionally in the name of science something would explode but that was just part of learning. 

Flare up has strong memories for me and shows just one step in my journey to where I am today.    

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