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G'day my name is Paul Arnold and this is my online gallery.  My bespoke gallery is about providing you with limited edition and seasonal products that are Australia made, printed and manufactured and where possible locally here in Darwin. There is an emphasis on the environment and sustainability.

As an artist I am about my home, the Northern Territory, its landscapes, its colours and its outdoor life style. Swags, campfires and the stars are the best in the Territory.  My online gallery brings all this colour, life and passion to you via a range of products including fine art and Australian textiles.

Art comes from with and can not be copied or replicated and I bring you a genuine Aussie and Territory on line gallery.

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My COVID-19 Experience

My COVID-19 Experience

WHAT DID I DO DURING COVID-19 I took the opportunity to stop and reset.  Understandably there was a lot of noise in the world and it was going to ...

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